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My whole childhood I lived in a small family farm with dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, peacocks, cows, ducks... you name it! I am used to be with animals, and to take care of them. Since we moved to Finland, we have two lovely cats at home. You can be sure that I will take care of your pet as I would like mines to be taken care of. We can agree any special care that your pet might need, but in general, I feed the animals, clean their areas in the house, and play with them or take them for a walk. I will keep you updated by sending pictures or messages, if you wish so :)

I only offer services at your home because we cannot accommodate properly more animals at our home. Sorry for that! I am staying at home right now, so I can take care of animals also during the day time.

I am looking forward to meeting you and your furry friends!

Kokemukseni lemmikinhoidosta

> 5 vuotta

Lemmikin koon toivomus

Pieni (0-15kg)

Keskikokoinen (16-30kg)

Iso (31-45kg)

Valtava (46kg+)

Valitse palvelu

Lemmikinhoitaja tulee hoitamaan lemmikkiäsi kotiisi vuorokauden ympäri

  • Palvelu sisältää:
  • Jopa 24 tuntia huomiota sekä seuraa koirallesi
  • Pissattaminen 4-6 tunnin välein
  • 2-3 kävelyä päivässä
  • Kuljetuskulut sekä lemmikin ruoka kuuluvat hintaan

Lemmikinhoitaja tulee kotiisi ja vie koirasi ulos kävelylle

  • Kuljetusmaksu kaupungin sisällä kuuluu hintaan
  • 30 minuutin kävely

Lemmikinhoitaja käy kotonasi katsomassa kissaasi

  • ruokinta, viihdytys, kissanhiekkalaatikon puhdistus
  • kuljetusmaksu kaupungin sisällä kuuluu hintaan
  • maksimissaan 1 tunnin käynti

Arvostelut (3)

  • Zoe took care of Hilma for 5 days during my trip to Iceland. I got photos and updates, and came back home (everything as I left it and tidy!) to a well cared for cat lady. :) I warmly recommend Zoe's services!

    Kissa - Kotikäynti
  • Zoe on todella mukava ja luotettava! Myös ujot koiramme tykkäsivät hänestä todella paljon. Lämpimät suositteluni Zoelle!

    Koira - Kotihoito
  • We have only good words to Zoe. She is easy to talk to, trustworthy and considerable regarding your animal's needs. We're happy that she was available to take care of our energetic cat and give him attention while we were out of town. We definitely give our recommendations and happy to contact her also in the future when there's need for cat-sitter. Thank you Zoe once again, and best of luck!

    Kissa - Kotikäynti
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