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Hi! My name is Tania, I am a student. I live in Helsinki but can travel around to Espoo and Vantaa too, if needed. I have a parrot Lusia back at home (in Moscow), she is a lovely cockatiel, 12 years old, loves when I scratch her neck. I can take care of your bird too if needed -- can take it to my apartment. Unfortunately, I can't take dogs or cats to my apartment but I would love to take care of them at your place. I am an active person, love to go for a walk so your dog will get enough exercising going out with me. And of course, I can stay at home and watch your pet inside (I love petting animals, it makes me feel very relaxed and happy). I am a very responsible and observant person, I can notice if something wrong in the pet's behaviour (my parrot has polycystic, luckily, I was lucky enough to spot that something's wrong so now she gets all the needed medications and lives happily (although almost six years ago the ornithologist told us she would barely live for two more years)).
Some of my friends have dogs so I know how to play and communicate with them, what they should or shouldn't eat (of course I will double check it from you).
I will be very happy if you choose me to take care of your lovely pet since I miss the communication with pets. And also, there is research that pets reduce stress for students :)

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