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Hello there. I'm an Australian dog-lover who has called Helsinki home for the past ten years. I've grown up with dogs (and cats and rabbits and guinea pigs) and have had dogs in my family for as long as I can remember (everything from a Jack Russell and a Labrador through to a German Shepherd and Rhodesian Ridgeback).

I am currently self-employed and work from home in Punavuori, where I live with my partner and our three year old daughter. Every second week we are joined by my partner's mother's Jack Russell/Bolonka cross, Lumi. The hours I need to maintain my business are very flexible, meaning I'm available for walks from early in the morning through to late at night, seven days a week. I really enjoy walking dogs along Eiranranta and in Kaivopuisto where they get the chance to meet many other four-legged friends.

I'm very active and enjoy running year round — through rain, snow or sunshine. If you have a dog who would enjoy joining me on a good five kilometre run, I'm happy to run with your dog and give them a really good workout. It's the perfect antidote for dogs with a little too much energy. But I'm just as happy going for a long relaxing stroll.

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